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2020 Election Result: More Real Estate Sales Coming To DC

The presidential election is over. Major media on all sides of the political spectrum agree that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won. No doubt there will be skirmishes ahead, but like Yorktown and Appomattox it’s time to move on…. Read More »

Oh No — Is Inflation Back To Ruin Real Estate?

Inflation by some measures may be back and if that’s the case all bets for increased real estate sales are off. “Underlying U.S. inflation appears to be firming despite slower economic growth,” says The Wall Street Journal, “a potentially reassuring… Read More »

March Madness: The Sweet 16 of Real Estate Markets

Midway through¬†March Madness¬†Real Estate Forecasts the Winner The 16 teams that survived the manic first rounds of the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament are diverse both in geography, conference affiliation, and size — from the smaller private Xavier University in… Read More »

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