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Seriously Underwater Properties Down 1.2 Million From a Year Ago in Q1 2017, Equity Rich Properties Increase 1.4 Million

Cleveland, Las Vegas, Akron Post Highest Share of Seriously Underwater Properties; San Jose, San Francisco, Honolulu Post Highest Share of Equity Rich Properties IRVINE, Calif. — May 4, 2017 — ATTOM Data Solutions, curator of the nation’s largest multi-sourced property… Read More »

Number of Seriously Underwater Properties Down 1 Million From Year Ago, Down 7.1 Million From Market Bottom in Q1 2012

Number of Equity Rich U.S. Properties Increases by 1.3 Million Compared to a Year Ago; But Equity Lost During Downturn Helping to Keep Average Homeownership Tenure Elevated at Nearly Twice Pre-Recession Levels; IRVINE, Calif. — Feb. 9, 2017 — ATTOM… Read More »

underwater mortgage

Seriously Underwater Homes Heat Map

The ATTOM Data Solutions Q3 2016 Home Equity and Underwater Report released two weeks ago¬†shows that the number of seriously underwater homeowners (those owing at least 25 percent more on outstanding mortgages than the estimated market value of the home)… Read More »

Equity Rich U.S. Homeowners Increase by 2.6 Million in Q3 2016 as Average Homeownership Tenure Reaches New High

Home Prices Up for 18th Straight Quarter; Average Homeownership Tenure Nearly 8 Years; More Than 20 Percent of Homeowners Still Underwater in Las Vegas, Cleveland, Detroit IRVINE, Calif. — Nov. 17, 2016 — ATTOM Data Solutions, curator of the nation’s… Read More »

6.7 Million Seriously Underwater Properties in Q2 2016 Down 776,000 From a Year Ago, Down 6.1 Million From Q2 2012 Peak

Number of Equity-Rich Properties Increases 1.4 Million From Year Ago; Highest Underwater Rates in Cleveland, Las Vegas, Akron; Lowest Underwater Rates in San Jose, San Francisco, Portland IRVINE, Calif. — Aug. 11 , 2016 — ATTOM Data Solutions, the nation’s… Read More »

Less Than 1 Percent of Seriously Underwater U.S. Properties Qualify for Principal Reduction Under New FHFA Program

Number of Seriously Underwater Homeowners Drops 638,000 From a Year Ago in Q1 2016; Number of Equity Rich Homeowners Increases Nearly 1.3 Million From a Year Ago IRVINE, Calif. — May 5 , 2016 — RealtyTrac® (www.realtytrac.com), the nation’s leading… Read More »

Share of Seriously Underwater Foreclosure Properties Drops to New Low in Q2 2015

Overall Seriously Underwater Share Edges Higher For Second Straight Quarter; Number of Equity Rich Homeowners with a Mortgage Increases by 1 Million From Year Ago, But Down 300,000 in First Six Months of 2015 IRVINE, Calif. — July 30, 2015… Read More »

Info Graphic: Homeowners Taking Equity off the Table

The RealtyTrac U.S. Home Equity and Underwater Report for the first quarter of 2015 showed a slight uptick in the number and percentage of underwater homeowners nationwide between the end of the fourth quarter of 2014 and the end of… Read More »

Seriously Underwater Properties Decrease by 2.2 Million in 2014, Down 5.8 Million From Peak Negative Equity in Q2 2012

7.1 Million U.S. Residential Properties Still Seriously Underwater, 13 Percent; 11.3 Million Equity Rich Homeowners, Up From 9.1 Million a Year Ago IRVINE, Calif. — Jan. 22, 2015 — RealtyTrac® (www.realtytrac.com), the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, today… Read More »

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