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Will mortgage rates remain stable for the next few years?

Have we entered a new mortgage financing era, a time when rates are largely stable and only move within a small band for years to come? There’s an argument to be made that long-term rate stability is being embraced. Borrowers… Read More »

Massive real estate equity cushion creates big investor opportunity

There’s little doubt that the COVID-19 virus has reshaped the economy and that the pandemic’s various impacts will take years to sort out. That said, one of 2020’s great oddities has been the strength of the residential real estate market…. Read More »

Mortgages: What If There’s A Lender Shortage?

The usual assumption when getting a mortgage is that there are a ton of lenders out there fighting for your business, so it makes sense to shop around for rates and terms. That’s surely true today but what about tomorrow?… Read More »

New Fannie Mortgage Recognizes It Takes a Village for Some Homebuyers to Qualify

A new mortgage product will be available to borrowers later this year, one which represents the first step toward recognizing a widespread reality, the fact that many home purchases in America fall outside the outdated norm of one house, one… Read More »

Is It Time To End The 30-Year Mortgage?

For many decades the 30-year loan has been the centerpiece of the mortgage system, but there’s no law in nature which says 30-year financing is required or necessary. Indeed, we could we be coming to the end of an era,… Read More »

Do Biweekly Mortgages Make Sense

Mortgages cost too much so instead of the usual 30-year deal why not go for biweekly financing? The math says such programs work. Unfortunately, for many borrowers, reality says they don’t. How can that be? Let’s start with the math… Read More »

Has Equity Sharing Finally Arrived?

Equity sharing has long been touted as the magical solution to every real estate problem since the use of caves. If you want more first-time buyers, additional investment or fewer foreclosures then equity sharing is the way to go. Everyone… Read More »

Will Google Disrupt The Mortgage Marketplace?

When it comes to mortgages everyone gets the idea that borrowers should shop around and let lenders battle for their business. Such shopping largely doesn’t happen, but a looming new player in the mortgage comparison game may change that. “For… Read More »

Will New Government Protections Produce Fewer Mortgage Hassles?

With tens of millions of mortgages outstanding it might seem as though every possible loan question has been resolved, that the lending system would have an answer for absolutely any situation that might arise. It turns out that’s not the… Read More »

Will Changing Lender Standards Mean Less Borrower Paperwork?

Since the first days of Wall Street Reform lenders have complained that the standards are too tight. Even minor clerical errors, they say, can force them to buy-back loans from investors and governmental agencies. Such repurchases not only produce big… Read More »

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