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Joe Biden and the wonderful problem of FHA success

Of all the problems faced by the incoming Biden Administration the FHA isn’t one of them. In fact, the venerable mortgage insurance program is a huge success. It insures the mortgage financing for 8.3 million households. It’s the go-to program… Read More »

Are Lower FHA Fees Unfair?

The FHA has a problem: It’s successful. Too successful. Indeed, it’s so successful that some in the mortgage industry say it’s just plain unfair for the FHA to “lower” annual mortgage insurance rates, even though such cheaper rates are likely… Read More »

Can The FHA Fix The First-Time Buyer Gap?

There’s no doubt that 2014 was a year of recovery for real estate. Prices were up, equity increased and foreclosures were down but looming in the background is a problem which can sink the recovery: First-time home buyers have become… Read More »

Can ‘Lower Wealth Borrowers’ Save Real Estate?

We’re soon going to help “lower wealth borrowers” by making mortgages available with  just 3 percent down. That’s the word from Mel Watt, director of the Federal Housing Finance  Agency. Who are “lower  wealth individuals?” Those who are not rich… Read More »

Are Banks Smart To Haggle With The FHA?

The growing battle between the FHA and the lending industry could soon impact home sales and refinancing nationwide, a contest to win both hearts and minds not to mention loan originations worth billions of dollars. The basic dispute is this:… Read More »

A Return to Subprime? HUD Secretary Says Lending Too Tight

In his first major policy speech since joining HUD in July, housing secretary Julian Castro on Sept. 16 urged bankers to ease mortgage lending and make it easier for home buyers to qualify for a mortgage. “The truth is that… Read More »

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