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What happens with the Fed after the election?

With all eyes focused on the presidential election there’s been little attention paid to the Federal Reserve and its make-up. The intersection with the presidency is close, especially for whoever takes office in January. The new president will have an… Read More »

Why Real Estate Markets Could Quickly Stall

Real estate is pretty much a numbers game and the two most important figures are home prices and mortgage rates. For much of this year the numbers have jelled very nicely and the result has been both rising home values… Read More »

Why The Fed Fears Higher Interest Rates

If you’re wondering what Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said about interest rates the other day you’re not alone. Is she saying the Fed will move to raise interest rates by June or is she saying the Fed will hold… Read More »

Mortgages: Do We Need Inflation?

Real estate needs a pick-me-up, something of a surprise considering that home values remain below 2007 prices and mortgage rates continue to hover around 4 percent. Bargain prices and discount mortgage rates should result in soaring sales but that isn’t… Read More »

The Myth of Ben Bernanke: The Man Who Can’t Get A Mortgage

Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, can’t get a mortgage. This statement is complete nonsense, but nonsense being repeated to support the claim that mortgage underwriting is too tough and — of course — it’s the fault … Read More »

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