Real Estate Investing

More Than Just “I” in Investing

Much of foreclosure investing is about individual ambition and effort. But investors can’t afford to do everything themselves on every deal.

Rising Subprime Foreclosures Profitable for Some Investors

Struggling with an oversupply of homes, a growing number of foreclosures and falling home prices, the housing market is ripe for investors like Andy Baker, who is buying distressed properties and renting them out at a profit.

Top 10 Foreclosure Opportunities

Many prospective homebuyers and real estate investors see the current housing market as a prime opportunity to find bargains. But many are gun-shy about jumping into the market before it hits bottom.

Somebody Help My FICO Score

  Editor’s note:  The following column from Bruss’ “Best of” collection first appeared Sunday, July 2, 2006. DEAR BOB: About three years ago, my son wanted to buy a condominium. He was earning about $75,000 per year as a CPA… Read More »

Tapping the Growing Short Sale Market

With more and more sellers unloading their homes for less than what they owe on their mortgages, now is a good time for investors to start negotiating “short sales” with lenders.

Foreclosure Hunting: A Success Story

Las Vegas real estate agent Adam Hunt helped two clients purchase foreclosure properties at bargain prices within a two-month period, which primed him to continue mining the foreclosure market.

2007 Real Estate: A Perfect Storm for Bargains?

A deluge of discouraging data in the housing sector, all point to opportunities for investors and buyers looking for bargains — particularly on foreclosure properties.

Multiplying Foreclosure Profits

Glenn Downs has been investing in real estate for years, but he never considered a foreclosure purchase until his son landed a job at RealtyTrac.

Don’t Get Caught By Changing Foreclosure Rules

If you follow the news these days you can find a growing number of stories concerning “foreclosure rescue specialists.”

New Foreclosure Investor Learns the Ropes

Kumpol Manasvigangkul never considered purchasing a foreclosure property until he heard about RealtyTrac. Four months later he was poised to pocket more than $100,000 in profit from a foreclosure.

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