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Top 10 Foreclosure Myths

Ten foreclosure myths that are detrimental both to homeowners who want to avoid foreclosure and to buyers and investors interested in purchasing a foreclosure.

Flipped out?

Three seasoned real estate investors we spoke with said they continue to view property flipping as a viable investment strategy. But they also cautioned that flipping — particularly in a sluggish market — isn’t for everyone and that real estate inves

Jump in. The market’s cool

A downturn in the real estate market can be a great opportunity to find deep discounts on a home or investment property. And with foreclosures on the rise, interest rates ticking up and home price appreciation slowing, there is certainly evidence tha

Secrets to Closing Last-Minute Pre-Foreclosure Deals

If you’re interested in investing in pre-foreclosure property, you should know that owners in default may not agree to sell until the last minute — sometimes only a few days before the public foreclosure auction. You’ll need to act quickly and may ev

What not to repair

When considering an investment property it’s important that you know what not to repair.

Where to find the best deals on foreclosure properties

With a cooling real estate market and higher interest rates expected to trigger more mortgage defaults and foreclosures in the coming months, 2006 could herald the coming of a buyers market, and present homebuyers and investors an opportunity to pick

Homeowners in Default: Contact with Care

Since it involves dealing with someone who’s already under duress, communicating with owners in default can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining for many homebuyers and real estate investors. You endure the hassle of tracking down the own

Tips for Locating Lucrative Investment Property

With the right strategy for pinpointing investment opportunities, investors can realize sizeable profits even in an overheated real estate market.

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