Real Estate Investing

Investor Training: Sorting It All Out

Training programs for real estate investors sometimes seem as numerous as real estate investors themselves

Investment Banks Shoulder Bigger Share of REO Burden

The bullish stock market began showing some cracks in the foundation in late July as fresh evidence revealed that real estate woes on Main Street are inflicting a bigger-than-expected toll their lenders.

The Art of the Foreclosure Deal

It may not be internationally recognized in the same stream of consciousness as a masterpiece by Goya, Monet or Picasso, but a well-constructed foreclosure investment deal can be a thing of beauty.

Want to Be Taken Seriously in the Foreclosures Market? Make a Realistic Offer!

Despite what you may see on late-night cable TV, investing in foreclosure properties isn’t a sure fire “get rich quick” formula. Lenders aren’t likely to give properties away, particularly in a real estate market where prices continue to rise. And ho

Before You Buy a Foreclosure Property, Do Your Homework!

There are two words that give pause to the most motivated real estate buyer or investor: property research.

Understanding the Foreclosures Process

Foreclosure properties can be a terrific investment, or give home buyers a much more affordable option than traditional properties in this time of escalating prices. But, before you jump in assuming this is “real-estate for dummies” or the next get-r

Five Tips for Buying a Foreclosure Property Below Market Value

If you feel like the escalating costs of real estate have priced you out of the market, think again. It may be time to investigate the vast opportunities available in the foreclosures market.

Shopping for Foreclosures? Secure Financing Early!

With interest rates ticking up and ARMs adjusting upward, experts predict an increase in the number of foreclosure properties on the market. Foreclosure properties are some of the best opportunities in real estate today with average savings of 10 to

Secrets to Finding Foreclosure Deals

After purchasing more than 25 foreclosure properties in the Little Rock, Ark., area, Louis Butler can spot a deal from more than a thousand miles away — literally.

Investor Capitalizes on Cooling Market

When the South Florida housing market entered into a nosedive last year, Harry Andrade saw an opportunity.

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