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Real Estate Is Doing Well Today. What About Tomorrow?

Real estate prices are soaring. This is a huge surprise given a year of pandemic economics, business closings, and widespread unemployment. The good news is surely unexpected and an outright relief to real estate investors and property owners in general.

Legislation enacted to combat coronavirus pandemic

How Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Funding Saved Real Estate Investors

Real estate gained a lot of attention in 2020 simply because home prices rose strongly across the country. In contrast to widespread lay-offs and large numbers of business closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, existing home prices increased 14.9% during… Read More »

Is There a Looming Eviction Crisis?

The pandemic has been with us for a year and yet there are few visible signs of distress. You don’t see a lot of abandoned buildings or vast armies of homeless families. One reason has been the government effort to… Read More »

Should real estate investors consider built-for-rent (BFR) properties?

Is the new home premium a cost too high? Are real estate investors better off buying existing homes with lower prices? Or, should they consider a new housing product, newly-constructed built-for-rent (BFR) properties. According to the Census Bureau, the median… Read More »

Should you buy investment real estate where you shop?

The Cary Towne Center will never be the same. It used to be a mall in Cary, NC, close to Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham. It had 980,000 sq. ft. set on an 87-acre campus but the days of leisure… Read More »

5 Tips on Buying REOs and Bank Owned Properties at a discount in 2021

Buying real estate at a discount is at the heart of real estate investing. A home well-bought gives investor a head start in the chase for profits and equity, an idea that’s easy to illustrate. In the third quarter, says… Read More »

Real Estate Trends in 2021: Where are we going?

Why were home sales so strong in 2020 and what can we expect in 2021? The great thing about 2020 is that the year is over and done. Between a pandemic, business closings, massive levels of unemployment, huge fires, and… Read More »

Where Are We Headed? 2021 Commercial Real Estate Predictions

With 2020 ending we can now begin to consider what will likely happen in 2021, hopefully a year when the pandemic will end and some sense of normality will begin to return. There is no doubt that 2020 will be… Read More »

Why Investors Can’t Find Bank Owned Properties Or REOs In The Midst of a Pandemic

Investors have always liked bank-owned properties or REOs — real estate owned by lenders and insurance programs. That’s because REOs often represent attractive investment opportunities, properties that lenders and insurance companies really want to dump. Given the pandemic economy you… Read More »

Why is mortgage debt not a lot higher?

Americans have a lot of mortgage debt, but is that something to worry about? Any number of news outlets have recently reported that mortgage debt has reached record levels. CNN Business, as one example, explained on November 17th that “low… Read More »

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