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Isn’t There a Law Against That?

A lot of folks are getting fed up with the mortgage come-ons whether they appear in the mail, the paper or on television.

Mortgage Lending: The Debatable Facts

Could interest-only and option adjustable rate loans behind the foreclosure rash seen nationwide in 2006 be responsible for the looming foreclosure glut expected in 2007 and beyond?

Do Mortgage Re-Sets Impact Foreclosure Rates?

An evaluation of the adjustable rate loans originated in the past few years gives credence to the predictions of escalating foreclosure rates when the rates on those loans re-set.

The Hidden Cost of Foreclosures

The biggest asset held by most of us — the thing that makes us as wealthy as we are — is real estate. According to the Federal Reserve, in the second quarter of 2006 the net worth of our personal real estate, value less mortgages, was $11 trillion —

Has The Mortgage Market Become More Risky?

Is the mortgage market more risky than it used to be? Does this mean more foreclosures loom ahead? It’s been obvious since they first became popular a few years ago that interest-only and option ARMs represent new and unknown levels of hazard. As the

Montana Foreclosure Laws Summary

Montana foreclosure laws. Montana foreclosures are conducted either in court or out of court, depending on the existence of a power-of-sale clause in the mortgage or deed of trust. The total foreclosure process typically takes about 5-6 months.

South Dakota Foreclosure Laws Summary

South Dakota foreclosure lawsSouth Dakota foreclosures are accomplished most commonly through the court system. Certain mortgages may be foreclosed either in court or via advertisement, though foreclosure by advertisement is uncommon.

Toxic Loans: The Need For Disclosure

The whole theory of wealth accumulation as it has been practiced for the past few years relies on two constants: Home values must rise and monthly payments must remain affordable. Unfortunately, neither constant is assured.

Foreclosures Up 72 Percent From Last Year

National foreclosure filings continued to climb in the first three months of 2006, evidence that more U.S. homeowners are struggling to stay current on their monthly mortgage payments.

What to do When You Can’t Afford Your Mortgage Payments

No one who buys a home intends to miss any mortgage payments. But unexpected life circumstances can quickly stymie the best of intentions, and homeowners can’t always prevent defaulting on their payments.

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