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Can The FHA Rescue Plan Work?

With the country facing a massive foreclosure crisis the Bush Administration has tweaked Federal Housing Administration rules in a way that ought to be applauded.

Foreclosures & The Multiplier Effect

If we’re just having a subprime crisis, then how come the impact is worldwide? That’s the essential question raised by Ben Stein.

Devolving ARMs

Since they were first introduced, adjustable-rate mortgages have been the subject of considerable criticism and concern. A worse-case situation that would sink millions of ARM borrowers.

The Real Case for FHA Reform

Should you be in favor of FHA modernization? After all, is not modernization always a step forward, something that’s necessary and needed?

A License to Sell Loans

There are a lot of scraps thrown our way at a loan closing, and I have yet to meet anyone who has either read all of the documentation or totally understood what it meant — me included.

Liar Loans an Endangered Species

Given the growing worries regarding mortgage fraud, there’s little doubt that stated-income loan applications will be greatly restricted in the future.

Foreclosure Numbers: A Guide for the Perplexed

Welcome to the strange, weird and complex world of foreclosures, a world which hardly sounds interesting except for the fact that hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake, including perhaps the value of your home and the size of your monthly mort

In Search of Loyal Loan Officers

For all the talk of foreclosures and failing lenders, the bottom line is this: The mortgage lending system is both sound and hugely successful.

The Illusion of Mortgage Protection

With a growing number of foreclosures nationwide, it’s good to know the government has consumer protections in place. What’s not so good is what those “protections” actually say.

The Changing Politics of Foreclosure

Who regulates national bank subsidiaries — subsidiaries which are often separate corporate entities from the banks — the federal government or the states?”

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