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District of Columbia Foreclosure Laws Summary

Washington DC foreclosure laws. District of Columbia foreclosure laws. Most foreclosures are out-of-court proceedings in Washington D.C. Washington D.C. foreclosure typically takes less than two months. D.C. uses trustee foreclosure sales only.

Idaho Foreclosure Laws Summary

Idaho foreclosures laws. Idaho foreclosures laws are primarily accomplished through out-of-court proceedings. In Idaho, the typical timeline for an out-of-court foreclosure is five months.

Maine Foreclosure Laws Summary

Maine foreclosure laws. In Maine, court foreclosures are most common in the state. The typical foreclosure process can take nine months. Maine uses only judicial foreclosures. Sales may also take place at the courthouse or the property.

How An Appraiser Sees Your Home

There is an old editorial cartoon that describes how different people see your home, depending on the purpose for which they are looking at it. To you the homeowner, for example, the home is a roomy ranch-style home; while to your lender it is a mode

FSBO, Powered by the Web

Marjorie Shepherd could be a poster child for the burgeoning online real estate marketplace, which is increasingly equipping home sellers and buyers with information and tools previously available only to real estate professionals.

Profitable Career Flip

Shuttling buyers from house to house as a real estate agent wasn’t cutting it as a career for Michelle Mangione, so she decided to return to her first love: distressed property investing.

5 Tips for Successfully Selling a FSBO

With record-high home sales prices translating into larger sales commissions paid to listing agents, many sellers are choosing the For Sale By Owner option, now much more feasible thanks to Internet services that allow sellers to easily and inexpensi

What’s Your House Really Worth?

Like any good recipe, the key to accurately determining a home’s value is to know all the ingredients that should be included, and then knowing what to do with these ingredients.

Finding favorable FSBO markets

Although For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions represent a relatively small number of total home sales, the FSBO market can be appealing to both sellers hoping to pocket more of their sales profits and to buyers hoping to buy a property below market

The Ins and Outs of a Public Foreclosure Auction

In the fast-paced foreclosures market, many sales are made at public auctions. While attending auctions can be a great way to purchase a property well below its market value, the process moves rapidly and can sometimes seem like a dizzying blur to th

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