Heat Maps

Housing Markets in Demand

Markets with the Most Down Payment Help

Using data from the Down Payment Resource Homeownership Program Index, RealtyTrac created this heat map showing which U.S. counties have the most programs available to help homebuyers with their down payment. The index covers 2,290 down payment help programs in… Read More »

Where Foreclosures are Back to Normal

Markets Where Manmade Hazards Most Prevalent

The heat map below shows the prevalence of five man-made environmental hazards tracked by RealtyTrac subsidiary Homefacts (www.homefacts.com) in all 3,143 U.S. counties: percentage of bad air quality days, along with the number of superfund sites, brownfield sites, polluters, and… Read More »

Markets Where Millennials & Boomers Are Moving Most

This heat map displays county housing markets based on the percentage increase or decrease in the millennial population and baby boomer population between 2007 and 2013. Displayed is the percentage change in baby boomers; use the drop down above the… Read More »

Where Institutional Investors Have Been Buying the Most Homes

The following heat map shows the percentage of single family homes sold to institutional investors — entities purchasing at least 10 residential properties in a calendar year — in each of the 1,804 counties where they purchased properties nationwide in… Read More »

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