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The Two Faces of Real Estate

It’s hard to look at 2015 and think that real estate has had anything but a banner year and yet there are persistent murmurs in the marketplace that we’re not quite there yet, wherever “there” might be. Are such marketplace… Read More »

Are Zero Percent Interest Rates Ahead?

There was a headline in Barron’s recently which no doubt raised a few eyebrows. “Fed Setting Long-Range Goal of 0% Real Interest Rates,” it said, a figure which is hard to ignore. With most pundits predicting that the Fed will… Read More »

New Financing Rules Brighten Condo Market

For millions of Americans, “home” is a condo. There are roughly 6.2 million financed condo units, according to RealtyTrac, and with the publication of new Federal Housing Administration (FHA) rules on Nov. 13, they should now be easier to finance… Read More »

What Happens When Markets & Surveys Collide?

Four times a year the Federal Reserve comes out with a Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey, an effort to see how bankers view financial trends. The reports get a lot of attention but if you look carefully you’ll see that… Read More »

Why Real Estate Markets Could Quickly Stall

Real estate is pretty much a numbers game and the two most important figures are home prices and mortgage rates. For much of this year the numbers have jelled very nicely and the result has been both rising home values… Read More »

Could We See Negative Interest Rates?

It’s not something we think about very often, but lower interest rates are entirely possible, interest rates which are not just a little tinge above zero or zero itself, but rates which are actually below zero, what is known as… Read More »

Real Estate: Is Bad Weather The New Normal?

There’s a mega-drought in California and flooding in Virginia. New York and New Jersey were devastated by “Superstorm Sandy” in 2012 while in 2015 Hurricane Joaquin idled off the Atlantic coast as a “rex block” storm system dumped a foot… Read More »

Mortgages: What If There’s A Lender Shortage?

The usual assumption when getting a mortgage is that there are a ton of lenders out there fighting for your business, so it makes sense to shop around for rates and terms. That’s surely true today but what about tomorrow?… Read More »

What If The Federal Reserve Is Irrelevant?

Another month has come and gone, another month when the Federal Reserve passed on the opportunity to raise interest rates. Other than Peyton Manning it’s hard to think of anyone who passes more often than Janet Yellen, the Fed’s chairman…. Read More »

Is There A New Home Shortage?

We’re not building enough new homes and that’s a big reason for the “persistent housing shortages and unhealthy price growth in many markets,” according to the National Association of Realtors. NAR checked 146 metropolitan statistical areas to see if “homebuilding… Read More »

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