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The Rise of the Real Estate Data Bots

The following is an excerpt from an article that first appeared in the June 2017 Housing News Report, an award-winning monthly newsletter published by ATTOM Data Solutions. Ten years ago in June something new and different entered the American marketplace…. Read More »

Will Washington Save America’s Waterfronts?

Editor’s note: the following is an excerpt from an article in the April 2017 Housing News Report, an award-winning newsletter published by ATTOM Data Solutions. Across America there’s a new battle for waterfront property, a fight which involves real estate… Read More »

Will FHA Mortgages Become Cheaper In 2016?

There’s a growing sense in Washington that the smartest people in finance are nestled together in the warm, cozy offices of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). It’s difficult to name another federal program which has done so well during the… Read More »

Washington Ends Year With Extended Tax Benefits For Homeowners

Some of the most interesting mortgage news of the year takes place in late December when we find out how the political system works on Capitol Hill. Within the rules and regulations we all follow are a bunch which only… Read More »

Investors: Will A Smaller Middle Class Power Real Estate Investments?

The middle class is shrinking and as a result we see fewer first-time buyers, lower homeownership rates and thus increased demand for rental properties. For real estate investors, the contraction of the middle class is a reality which cannot be… Read More »

Will FHA Defections Change The Mortgage Marketplace?

The FHA is facing a mutiny. Despite terrific results in fiscal 2015, some of the largest lenders in the country have had it with the nation’s per-eminent mortgage insurance program. They’re offering borrowers alternative loan options and setting up the… Read More »

The Two Faces of Real Estate

It’s hard to look at 2015 and think that real estate has had anything but a banner year and yet there are persistent murmurs in the marketplace that we’re not quite there yet, wherever “there” might be. Are such marketplace… Read More »

Are Zero Percent Interest Rates Ahead?

There was a headline in Barron’s recently which no doubt raised a few eyebrows. “Fed Setting Long-Range Goal of 0% Real Interest Rates,” it said, a figure which is hard to ignore. With most pundits predicting that the Fed will… Read More »

New Financing Rules Brighten Condo Market

For millions of Americans, “home” is a condo. There are roughly 6.2 million financed condo units, according to RealtyTrac, and with the publication of new Federal Housing Administration (FHA) rules on Nov. 13, they should now be easier to finance… Read More »

What Happens When Markets & Surveys Collide?

Four times a year the Federal Reserve comes out with a Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey, an effort to see how bankers view financial trends. The reports get a lot of attention but if you look carefully you’ll see that… Read More »

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