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Are These Three Housing Bubbles Re-Inflating?

Could we be headed towards another housing bubble? Ten years ago, easy credit and lax banking lending standards in the U.S. residential real estate market were partly to blame for a housing bubble that popped and caused over 7 million… Read More »

Inventory Shortage Sparks Home Price Increases, Economists Say

A five-member panel of housing economists, speaking at the annual convention of the National Association of Real Estate Editors, said an inventory shortage of available homes for sale in the United States is likely pushing prices skyward. Lawrence Yun, chief… Read More »

Nightmare on Main Street Part II: When Natural Disaster Strikes Home

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from the second in a two-part series investigating the impact of disasters on a housing market in RealtyTrac’s award-winning newsletter, Housing News Report. Part I investigated the impact of environmental disasters, and Part II… Read More »

A Mall Foreclosure in Frackville

Are shopping malls a relic of the past? In the heart of Pennsylvania’s coal country, the Schuylkill Mall, located in Frackville, Pennsylvania, is in foreclosure. The owner of the mall has defaulted on a $27.4 million loan. The property is… Read More »

Las Vegas-Area Shopping Mall Owner Defaults on $15.5 Million Loan

U.S. Bank National Association filed a notice of default against Galleria Pavilion LLC on March 22, 2016, claiming that a $15.5 million loan made in 2006 was in arrears, according to RealtyTrac data. The loan is secured by a 35,878-square… Read More »

‘Housing Refugees’ Are Moving to the Sun Belt

More Americans are opting to move to the south, favoring warm climate and lower taxes over frigid winters and tax-onerous states. According to the latest data published in RealtyTrac’s March 2016 issue of the Housing News Report, an increasing number… Read More »

Will Oil Slump Hurt Texas Housing?

In February, Housing News Report, published an article on the Texas residential housing markets. Texas housing markets in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are some of the best places to live. But with the price of a barrel of… Read More »

The New Data-Drive Home Search: Pre-Diligence

Editor’s Note: In the November issue of the Housing News Report, we took a look at the new data-drive home search — “pre-diligence.” Here’s an excerpt from the article on “pre-diligence” written by Peter G. Miller. The biggest consumer item… Read More »

An Investor’s Infographic Guide to New York and New Jersey

According to, some real estate markets have recovered more rapidly from the Great Recession than others. The uneven recovery is most notable in some metros, namely New York and New Jersey. They have bounced back more slowly because of… Read More »

International Buyers Flow into U.S. Housing Market, China Tops List

Editor’s Note: In August issue of the Housing News Report we took a look at international buyers in the U.S. real estate market. This is the first in a two-part series on international buyers. The first article will take a… Read More »

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